The preparation of your Mail Order Christmas Tree
from seedling to packaging for United Parcel Service delivery

Let DeLong Farms
of New Germany Nova Scotia
take you back to an “Old World Country Christmas”
where Mail Order ChristmasTrees are still delivered to our Hatchery
by truck, tractors & wagons.
… where the pace of life is a little slower than the rest of the world …

… where we have to wait for 21 hard frost mornings before we will harvest our Mail Order Christmas Trees ...
This is Mother Nature’s way of assuring the Balsam Fir Christmas Tree will make it through
the long winter without loosing its needles. Only then do we know that the balsam boughs
have been seasoned and will ensure the lasting fragrance and greenery for our Mail Order Christmas Trees.

Family with their Christmas Tree
DeLong Farms will not harvest before our Christmas Trees are properly seasoned, so
delivery by United Parcel Service will only begin during the first full week of December.
and you may request delayed deliveries up to the third week of December.

DeLong Farms Balsam Fir Mail Order Christmas Trees,
our primary crop, is the traditional Christmas Tree
that stands out from all others. Its dark green colour, long lasting short needles,
attractive cone shape and pleasant fragrance
make it the most popular species of Mail Order Christmas Tree in todays market.
Our Atlantic Ocean climate, with abundant precipitation and fall frost,
“Drumlin Hills” formed from glacial deposits,
in conjunction with our modern production techniques and rigorous quality control,
will guarantee you a, robust, healthy Mail Order Christmas Tree.

While many farmers buy their seedlings from outside sources, we harvest and produce our own.
All our seed is harvested from superior Balsam Seed Trees we have nurtured over the years.
Once sown into special growing trays, the Christams Trees remain there for two growing seasons.
At the end of the third growing season they are transplanted into transplant beds or natural stands.
Once in the field they remain there until harvest, approximately 7-10 years. In the third or forth year,
after field planting, all trees are basal pruned, leaving generous tree handles of 15 inches or more.
Starting early the fourth year, each tree is sheared every year until it is harvested.
Shearing along with annual fertilization maximizes tree density and quality.
At harvest time our trees are approximately 13-15 years old from seed.
"Good things are worth waiting for".

Harvesting and Preparation of your
Mail Order Christmas Tree

Mail Order Christmas Tree Preperation

At harvest time our Mail Order Christmas Trees are hand cut and placed through a baler.
Baling involves putting the tree through a tight cone shaped machine
that folds the tree towards its centre, and tightly wraps a light nylon cord around the outside.
The Christmas Tree is reduced to a girth to fit in our mail order cartons which are 11.5” x 11.5” x 84” .

After the Mail Order Christmas Tree
is shaken and baled tightly
in the tree lot,
it is then taken to the farm
where preparations are made
for Mail Order.

Mail Order Preparation

… Our custom designed wood ( “anchor” ) is attached to the trunk of the Christmas Tree with a 3” screw …
… the Christmas Tree is then slid into its shipping carton, “anchor” first …

… The "anchor" is then secured to the shipping carton.

This secured “anchor” prevents the Christmas Tree from sliding back and forth
within the carton during shipping so the customer will not receive a tree with a broken top.

Our unique to us, patented, innovative shipping container
increases the strength of the carton to a test resistance of 58 ECT.

Different than other Tree Cartons,
our design maximizes the use of material so the largest and fullest possible Christmas Tree may be shipped
while staying within United Parcel Services maximum allowable size.
Our shipping cartons are also waxed lined
( keeping the tree fresh and the carton from absorbing water that could compromise its strength)…

Our patented shipping carton design establishes us as an industry leader in the Mail Order Christmas Tree business.
We are proud to maintain the quality standards established by more than 20 years of experience

… the Christmas Tree is now ready for labeling and shipping by United Parcel Service ...
Mail Order Christmas Tree being boxed

More than twenty years have passed
since we shipped our first Mail Order
Christmas Tree and we have learned
a great deal over these years.
(resulting in the invention of our" anchor")
(our patented shipping carton)